Friday, 3 August 2018

Art stick figures

Image result for stick figureswe were making stick figures like this

cross country practice

On cross country me and the school were running 

around the school. I came 3rd in cross country.

I was only jogging very slowly so I could jump

as I step.  

how to play the knee game

Hi im Zeke and at school me and room 2 have to play this cool game its called the knee game and all you have to do is touch others peoples knees and if you touch there knee you will get a point. 

At school me and room 2 were playing rob the nest and there were team. all you have to do is get allot off balls and steel from anther nests!! 

WALT about change

9E Boat power

TeKoha, Rykardo, Kayne, Zeke, Tarelle.

Change question: Why does vinegar and baking soda when mixed transform by a
chemical reaction?
We want to know what it creates?

Prediction: It creates gases and a yucky smell and the cork is going to blow off the bottle
the gas will keep out until all the liquid has disappeared.

Observations:  we saw the bottle get bigger and wider

V\ideo link:

Conclusion/ Answer to your question:

The chemical with vinegar and baking soda is gases that full the plastic
bottle with air that make the bottle harder and harder. in side and makes
the bottle wider and wider so the vinegar  and baking soda makes
a chemical that will make the bottle huge.

By Kayne, Zeke and Tekoha and Tarelle. in FRIDAY/3/AUGUST